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Melooks.com is a social sharing website which is different from other websites.It is unique.It is easy to access and connection is very easy with your friends and relatives.You can invite your friends to be your critics and you can be their critics to post on their wall.Just sign up and enjoy the fun!!

There is three kinds to expose your pictures.First is to upload pictures of your hair styles with different set of photos.you can upload maximum of 10 photos of hair style to the website.The second thing is the dress we wear.The registered user can upload his dress wear for the party and now it is 20photos they can upload on their account.The last is the footwear.. here you can upload the footwears you have upto 20 pictures you can upload.Now after uploading the images you can create event for the images uploaded.Invite friends and connections to be your critic.Get their comments through the comment box in the website and rock the event!!

Melooks.com was created to offer you a fun and alternate way to compare how your hair styles, makeup, wardrobe choices, footwear and accessories will look on you if you were able to "slide" parts of your total look into a viewable total format. You can share your styles or combinations with your friends or soon to be "Critics" you invite to comment on your style combinations for the "Events" you chose. Show yourself off ! Let your Critics comment on your look. Get the conversation going. You may be surprised ! You can upload up to 10 photos of your hair/makeup styles, up to 20 photos of your wardrobe (dresses, gowns, suits or pants) and up to 20 photos of your footwear (shoes, can also include your purse choices, belts, jewelry and any other accessories !) to create your private collection. Way cool ! Have fun ! You don't need to upload all your photos at once, just upload them when you feel like it ! Use your smart phone or tablet and capture a quick photo of that dress or pair of shoes you're eying at the store and see how it would compare with the rest of your total look. To create an "Event" session just chose three photos from your private collection in each category, name the event and invite your friends, or now Critics (tap their status button to green) and watch the fun begin ! To create a new "Event" session later, just clear the comments and invited Critics from the previous Event session and have fun all over again. How cool is that ? Invite your Critics now so you have your invite list ready to go ! Remember, ya got to keep it clean or your profile will be deleted

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