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You Must Treat Sun Spots Just As You Would Wrinkles

Women that are ages 30 and older are growing increasingly aware of new wrinkles as each year goes by. But, the evidence suggests that sun spots  may have as much of an impact on age-related appearance as wrinkles. Nearly 63 percent of women older than  35 do experience sun or age spots, discolorations as sell as uneven skin. Is there a dark side? The problem reflects your apparent age — or lack of youth. “Getting a clear, even skin tone without discoloration is just as important as wrinkle-fighting when achieving…

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4 Weight Loss Tips

4 Weight Loss Tips From a Woman Who Lost 140 Pounds (NewsUSA) – Losing weight and getting healthy doesn’t have to be a struggle. Just ask Alexis Freed. At a peak weight of 285 pounds, Alexis’s health was declining, she was pre-diabetic and suffered from sleep apnea. Her doctor and loved ones were worried and she knew she had to regain control.That’s when she decided to commit to a weight-loss journey with Nutrisystem. “It was so convenient and I could take it on the go. It was easy for me…

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